Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Still Going Strong

There are many different types of ugly Christmas sweaters. The traditional Christmas jumper is a roll-neck top-pulled garment with an open front. A more modern version is a top-pull-down garment with a turtleneck. In the United States, the sweater is more of a fashion statement than a necessity. Whatever your favorite style is, there is a sweater out there for you. No matter what the holiday season is all about, there’s likely a festive Christmas jumper out there.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a festive sweater, try something different. An ugly Christmas sweater can be embellished with jingle bells and pom-poms. You can even wear a cute collar and dickey. And you can’t go wrong with a festive Christmas theme! You can even make your own. Just remember that a’silly’ sweater is more fun than it sounds, and it’s a great holiday fundraiser.

If you’re the type who doesn’t like wearing the traditional holiday sweater, try something out that is less kitsch. You might be surprised to find that someone’s old ’80s Christmas sweaters are still as stylish as the new “Ugly Christmas Sweater” trend! Whether you’re looking for a festive look or something a little more practical, you’re sure to get plenty of comments!