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International Cybersecurity Month

Posted by Regina Hernandez on

October is International Cybersecurity Month: an opportunity for people, companies, and governments to learn more about Cybersecurity and its prevention and management. CYBERSECURITY Month is a great time to increase awareness of cyber vulnerabilities, promote cybersecurity legislation and policy, and offer resources to defend them against online threats, including education and sharing of best practices. The world is quickly moving towards a digital world in which everything – including our most valuable information – is accessible to anyone with access to the internet. In the past few years, many individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations have fallen victim to cyber crimes including:

Ransomware: A type of malware that prevents users from accessing their systems or files, typically via email. Cybercriminals demand ransom payments in exchange for access to infected files. This includes data, personal information, business information, art work, or any other type of information deemed valuable by the cybercriminals. Emails containing links to the ransom demand often serve as a venue for further cyber attack. Passwords used to access some of these emails contain private data that can be used by the cybercriminals to gain access to a user’s system.