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How to Make a Jewelry Box

Posted by Regina Hernandez on

Your jewelry must be kept in safe and convenient places. You should not just keep your nice earrings and necklaces anywhere. This is one of the reasons why you should make a good jewelry box for their storage. This article reveals how you make a wooden box measuring 10″ x 5″ and 3″ high. The ratio is 2: 1, but you can always adjust it to any dimensions you deem enough for you.  

You can buy nice softwood for the box. You do not require expensive woods. This is nice for a start. Follow the following steps to make it.

Face Masks

How to properly wear a face mask

Posted by Regina Hernandez on

With the Covid 19 pandemic our lives took a sudden change. Walking out the door with a face mask on was added to the list and is now part of our everyday routine. Now our masks go everywhere with us some even color coordinate it with the outfit of the day. However, we are so overwhelmed with all that is going on in the world that some have never took the time to learn how to properly wear a face mask.